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1) Methodology of the Private Classes?

  • Theme Selection:

    The class begins with a detailed explanation of concepts and technical tango vocabulary. For example, if the subject of study is circular boleos, the teacher will explain the theoretical aspects of the boleos, by focusing on the general principles.

  • Exercises:

    Teaching exercises are done afterwards to work on issues needed to improve the dance. The class concludes with a review of all material seen and a summary of the technical aspects that will be worked on in the practices.

  • Tracking the Student's progress :

    ., The teacher also writes notes on particular physical needs of students so they can be worked on later in the Private Practice / Training- Yoga.

2) What are practices?


Methodology of private tango classes:

These practices are used to review the aspects that were worked on in the Private Classes. Through repetition and application, the student integrates the new concepts into the memory of their muscles. Practices give students the opportunity to clarify the issues that were worked on in the Classes.

Physical Training:

The incorporation of new concepts of movement in the body need to be worked on through the understanding of your own body. To acquire this knowledge, DNI offers two options for individual work - one of which involves working without a partner so the student can concentrate on their own body and their own movements



3) Who Are the Teachers?


CLASE TANGO 1 and 1/2 $ 220 Ars
GROUP CLASS Tango 2-7 x 1 $ 250 Ars
BONO x 10 $ 2200 Ars
BONO x 5 $ 1150 Ars
FOLKLORE $ 250 Ars
PRACTICE $ 120 Ars
BONO PRÁCTICA x 4 $ 400 Ars

Argentores Award

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We are very proud to tell you that Dana received from Argentores, the award for Best Choreography Argentina of the season thanks to the latest works of the Society DNI, La Musa del Capricho and DOS - What is disvuelve. Congratulations Dana and Company! Find more information on the Company menu.

The Tata home cooking

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DNI works in Restaurant and Bar La Tata cacera and organic food. It is open all day! Come to know