Yoga applied to Tango

Relationship between Tango and Yoga

Both techniques respond to the nature of the body and its movements from the same concepts of alignment and biomechanics. They also develop deep and useful knowledge of the moving body, in search of the origin of energy and it's direction. Both use breath with movement and support dynamic changes.


Hatha use in DNI Tango- Vinyasa Yoga and specialized in biomechanics. We put the focus on body work and then understand unison with tango.

Beyond the postures and practice, It is to generate awareness of your body, your muscles, your joints, of yours. It is to start paying attention. Body alignment is consciousness, It is to place the body in the optimum way for energy to flow. It is to be present, watch carefully is your body and your breathing. That helps us more sensitive to the body work of the tango or for our own well-being.

    • Increased physical strength

    • Alignment, flexibility, extension, balance

    • Awareness and knowledge of your body

    • Improve and prevent injury

    • Correction of postures

    • Energy regeneration

    • and much more

Yoga can change your life positively. It is a progressive exercise, the first day will not be able to touch your toes with your fingers, but as you continue training'll see how you're getting closer and one day get. makes you see what your body is capable of doing.

For whom is the kind of Yoga?

Especially for all. Class levels are mixed. Being a physical activity health status that allows demanding postures required. Always for beginners or advanced variations they occur.

Attention: If you are unsure if you can take a yoga class, see your doctor. You should always do a physical fit before taking yoga classes.


CLASE TANGO 1 and 1/2 $ 150 Ars
GROUP CLASS Tango 2-7 x 1 $ 180 Ars
BONO x 10 $ 1500 Ars
BONO x 5 $ 850 Ars
FOLKLORE $ 180 Ars
PRACTICE $ 100 Ars
BONO PRÁCTICA x 4 $ 300 Ars

Argentores Award

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We are very proud to tell you that Dana received an award from Argentores, the award for Best Argentine Choreography last season thanks to the latest DNI Company show, La Musa del Capricho. Congratulations Dana and Company! For More info click here.

The Tata home cooking

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DNI works in Restaurant and Bar La Tata cacera and organic food. It is open all day! Come to know