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The following terms and conditions are applicable for the use of this site. This site is property of DNI Tango SRL (hereinafter The Company), and is operated by it.
We ask you to read thoroughly the following terms and conditions (TyC). By the access, use and observation of this site you accept that you have understood below terms and conditions and that you agree therewith.

In case of doubt, send us an e-mail to

Use of this site

The use of this site and the purchase of goods thereby will comply with below mentioned terms and conditions and with the particular terms and conditions of our Virtual Store. DNI Tango SRL / DNI Tango reserves the right to amend said terms and conditions at any moment and with no need of previous notice.
The use of this site does not imply any charge in favor of our company. All charges related to the connection via Internet and phone calls incurred due to the navigation through the site will be exclusively borne by the user.

The access to our site can be restricted or suspended, either temporary or definitely, at any time.
This site will only be used for information purposes or to purchase products or services. Any other use thereof, such as transmission, distribution or republication is strictly forbidden.

Acceptance of Orders

Those orders confirmed through this site represent an offer to The Company for the sale of those goods declared by the buyer until their acceptance. Any notice, promotion and advertising proposal made by The Company before the approval of the order, are just invitations to purchase or try a determined product but do not represent an offer. The Company will not be obliged to sell any kind of product advertised in this site if it were not available or if there were any mistake in the description or prices mentioned.

This website assumes the following method when measuring ones feet for shoe sizing.

Place your feet on a piece of paper. Trace around both feet with a pen or pencil holding it perpendicular to the piece of paper. The pen or pencil should be touching your foot at all times. Measure, in centimeters, the longest distance between the toes — not necessarily the big toe — and the heel of both feet. The longest measurement is the correct one.

With this measurement we can help identify which size is best for you.

DNI Tango cannot guarantee size accuracy and is not responsible for discrepancies in shoe sizes.


Besides selling our products through this web site, we also sell products by post or at our store in Buenos Aires. Generally, the prices advertised in this site are equal to those of the products sold by post; however, prices may be different, for example, in some special sales advertised at the site. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all prices are equal. The Company reserves the right to handle the prices of the products as it may deem convenient depending on the channels of sale.

The prices offered at Buenos Aires store will not be the same as those published in this site, as they do not include shipping or delivery costs.

After-Sales Services
Exchange Policy:

We believe that you will feel pleased with your purchase, but there may be situations where you have to exchange the product. If you need to exchange your product for a different size or color, send us an email to within 7 days after the receipt of the order, indicating your order number and explaining the reasons for the exchange. Please, consider that the products offered as special bargains or commercial samples shall not be returned or exchanged. Only after you receive a confirmation of approval for the exchange, will DNI Tango receive the products to be exchanged

If no exchange request is sent within 7 days after the receipt of the order, all exchanges will be done at the discretion of DNI Tango.


Products to be exchanged shall be sent through DHL to DNI Tango, to the address that appears in the original package, within 14 days after your exchange request e-mail confirmation, and will be exchanged within 30 days following this confirmation. Products, of course, can also be personally delivered at our Store in Buenos Aires within above mentioned terms. 
After these terms, DNI Tango will not accept any exchange request, so we advise you to hire a delivery service that guarantees the delivery of goods in time.


When you send your products to be exchanged, be sure to include all the necessary documentation required by the Customs dispositions in the country of origin and destination as to avoid inconveniences and delays of goods at Customs. That is why we suggest you to ask for the necessary advice about Customs Procedures or to use a reliable delivery service. DNI Tango shall not be responsible for delays of orders at Customs.
The products to be exchanged or returned shall be sent in only one package. DNI Tango reserves the right to reject the return if the order is sent in more than one package.
 DNI Tango shall not be responsible for missing goods in transit so it is convenient to hire a reliable delivery service or insurance on the goods. If, due to any event or mistake during the delivery, it is impossible to send the product back to DNI Tango, additional charges related to the return of the goods shall be borne by the customer.

The delivery costs for the exchanged product will also be borne by the customer. All deliveries will be shipped by DHL.

Product Conditions:

All products shall be returned in their original condition. Dirty, damaged, washed, modified or used products will not be accepted. The original packaging has to remain intact, including all wrappings, boxes and labels. Please, be very careful when unpacking and packing the product again and take all the necessary precautions to ensure a safe delivery. As soon as we receive your products back, we will check it and send an email acknowledging due receipt and the delivery dates for the new product or refund.


In the case of exchanges, the new products will be sent within the 30 days following the reception of the returned products and the new delivery number and estimated date of arrival will be informed by e-mail. Charges for the new deliveries and all expenses related will be borne by the customer, unless the exchange is due to a manufacturing defect. If the product selected for the exchange is not in stock at the moment, we will contact you to offer other alternatives.


Products bought by e-commerce shall not be refunded, neither the related delivery charges.
 In no case refunds shall be made to third parties.
 Gift certificates shall not be refunded or exchanged.

Gifts Exchanges:

If you have received a DNI Tango gift and you want to exchange it for other product of the same or higher price, it is necessary to pay in advance the price difference, extra delivery charges and other related expenses, such as taxes and fees.

Shipping Information:
All deliveries from DNI Tango (except for Russia) will be shipped by DHL. The Company reserves the right to change the shipping company depending on the Company’s needs.

DNI Tango is charging just the shipping costs, depending on the country. Please note that you may have to pay customs duties and taxes when receiving an international shipping.

Restrictions on Liabilities:

It is very important for us that the information and the contents of this site be as accurate as possible and we permanently work on that. However, we are not in the position to either implicit or expressly guarantee this accurateness.

Our company is not in the position to guarantee that the site is free of interruptions or defects, that they will be amended or that the server is free of defects or works at full capacity. DNI Tango SRL / DNI Tango will not be responsible for before mentioned situations or for any loss of content transmitted or downloaded from our site.

When visiting our site you accept and agree that The Company will not be responsible in any way whatsoever for the safety and privacy of the site and the information you enter or download therefrom.

The Company will not be responsible for any content input to this website by third parties.

The Company will not be responsible under the frame of a contractual or pre-contractual relationship for the following kind of loss:

Any kind of economic loss (including, unlimited, loss of profits, returns, investments, contracts, business or advanced savings).
Any kind of loss of customers or reputation.
Any other kind of unforeseen or extraordinary loss.
DNI Tango SRL / DNI Tango will not be responsible before you or any other third person for any direct or contingent damage caused by the use of products or services purchased by you or by third persons in this web site.

Severability of clauses

If any of the clauses of these terms and conditions were deemed improper according to law or invalidated for any other unforeseeable reason, it will be separated from these Terms and Conditions and will not affect the validity of the other clauses.


Every clause of these Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted separately and will remain in force even though any other clause were considered inapplicable under a determined circumstance, no matter the reason.

Warning about viruses

We take all the necessary precautions to keep this site and its related information free of viruses. However, the user will be fully responsible for the download of any kind of material and information.

Possible Mistakes

Any misprint or specification or photographic mistakes will be subject to correction.
In many cases, the site will send an automatic reply to your requirements. These automatic replies will be subject to corrections due to mistakes, changes in market conditions, availability of products, misprints or any other reason. When receiving your request, we will inform you about any possible correction before going on processing it.

Links to other web sites

Our site has links to reach other sites from ours. DNI Tango SRL cannot control de contents of those links, their terms and conditions, their policies, changes of their contents or any other type of action those companies might take.

Therefore, The Company will not be responsible for those web sites or for any other information therein contained, or for their practices or products or for any other act or omission thereof.

The agreements, transactions and hirings executed with these companies will be exclusive relationships between you and them, and The Company will have no liability therefor, or for any misunderstanding, loss or damage arising from these actions.

Intellectual Property and Rights of Use

The texts, marks, logotypes, names, photographies, drawings, graphic designs and any other material published in this site is property of DNI Tango SRL / DNI Tango. When using our site you declare to know and accept that the intellectual property of said material belongs exclusively to our company, so the use thereof will be only allowed with our previous written authorization. Besides, you express that you know and accept that all the contents of this site can only be used for your personal use, not for commercial purposes and therefore can be only downloaded to a hard disk. Any other use is expressly forbidden. You also agree not to transmit, publish, show, distribute, commercially exploit or create any other type of content therefrom and not to help third parties to do so.

Acceptance of our general terms and conditions

These terms and conditions (permanently updated) represent a whole agreement between the parties (you and The Company) in relation to all the issues herein contained. This agreement will be valid over any other kind of previous agreement or proposal, either oral or written, between you and The Company regarding all the issues herein contained.

You declare that you understand these Terms and Conditions and that you agree with them in whole, as the only terms and conditions (together with those particular Terms and Conditions of every section of this site) that rule the relationship between you and The Company.