TTC Technique


A) It is a highly elevated and coded vocabulary that allows students achieve fluency in dance, and also allows them to analyze their dancing during the absence of the teacher.

B) TTC relates natural body movements to the movements of tango, making this technique possible for all people, from beginners to professional dancers.

C) TTC is a very open, offering us an analytical tool to investigate all areas of tango, from classical elements such as the turn in 1 axis with a lapiz, to newer items such as colgadas and double ganchos


The class has 3 important moments, Heating, The mirror and practice in couples with Corrections

– First Part | Warm up

Warming aims to prepare for the moment of the dance. Helps prevent injuries and to develop a deep awareness of our body.

– Part Two | The Mirror

Each class has a different element study, which is linked to the theme of the week. It is incorporated by means of a sequence (choreographic) that is danced without a partner in the mirror. With elements of contemporary dance, biomechanics and Tango, Teachers give us the essence in this sequence element to study which then facilitates the work as a couple.

– Third Party | Romance Work

The study element now takes 100% form of Tango and studied approaching it from a structure with steps of Tango. This helps us to recognize this element now in groups.

Figure is presented and practiced for several tangos among students, at which teachers and students attending approach to interventions and corrections.

Argentores Award

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We are very proud to tell you that Dana received an award from Argentores, the award for Best Argentine Choreography last season thanks to the latest DNI Company show, La Musa del Capricho. Congratulations Dana and Company! For More info click here.

The Tata home cooking

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