Sara Westin

Sara is Swedish, and she was born in 1990. She began dancing when she was only 4 years old . When
she turned 10 years old , she started a 9 year-long education at the Royal College of Sweden, in
Stockholm. She wanted to be a dancer. During those years she did lots of performances
and projects, on many stages in Sweden and abroad. It wasn't until the last year of her
studies, that she went to Buenos Aires for the first time, on holiday with her mother who was dancing tango,
but Sara just wanted to take ballet classes at Julio Bocca's contemporary ballet school , and
in DNI. After 3 weeks in Buenos Aires, without trying, or even watching a tango class, the
teachers persuaded her to try at least one lesson before she returned to Sweden.
In her last days, she finally took some tango lessons, and fell in love.

She went home, graduated from school and returned to Buenos Aires after a year, planning to
stay for ten weeks. But the journey of ten weeks turned into seven months of classes
of Tango during the day, and milongas at night. She met her partner Juan Pablo Canavire
who she can grow with as a dancer, create and gain experience in the life of tango. Before she returned
home, she was given incredible news - the possibility of joining the Company DNI and becoming
a teacher at the school.

Since October 2011 she has been a dancer and teacher in DNI, and is part of the DNI Tango family.
And she has done some performances in the milongas of Sweden, Buenos Aires and Jujuy, and also
participated in presentations with the DNI Company at the Avenida de Mayo for Tango National Day
and the Festival of Tangauta, a good start to her life as a dancer, and DNI teacher
of tango.


GROUP CLASS x 1 $ 130 Ars
Beginner CLASS x1 $ 130 Ars
BONO x 10 $ 1000Ars
BONO x 5 $ 600 Ars
TANGO 7+ Saturday Practice $ 160 Ars
ABRAZO CERRADO + Saturday Practice $ 160 Ars
FOLKLORE $ 130 Ars
BONO PRÁCTICA x 4 $ 220 Ars

Argentores Award

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We are very proud to tell you that Dana received an award from Argentores, the award for Best Argentine Choreography last season thanks to the latest DNI Company show, La Musa del Capricho. Congratulations Dana and Company! For More info click here.

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