Model Clasico | 1049


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SKU: C 1049.

Product Description

Model Clasico | 1049 | Metallic Blue Leather + Ivory Leather

In the DNI Store’s eleven years, selling quality, long lasting, stylish shoes has been its priority. Our objective is shared by our shoe manufacturer that has more than 35 years of experience in making hand-made shoes designed specifically for tango dancers.


  • Each cut of genuine leather is hand selected and inspected ensuring that only the best cuts are used.
  • All components, from adhesives to buckles to laces, are quality products.
  • DNI shoes are durable lasting for many years.


  • Lining of calf skin for comfort and breathability.
  • Lining joined by fine and tight stitching to avoid rubbing on the foot.
  • High-grade, impact resistant rubber padding on heels.


  • Beveled soles to avoid sticking or catching on the dance floor.
  • Trademark rubber sole with suede, apt for all dance surfaces.
  • All heels are three centimeters (3cm) for sizes up to 42.5. Sizes 43 and larger have a two centimeter (2cm) heel.


  • Ever changing leather supplies mean that production numbers for each model are small, ensuring that each shoe remains unique.
  • All designs are approved by Dana Frigoli.
  • Can’t find the perfect shoe for you? Why not order a custom pair?

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Shoes Sizes

38, 38.5, 39, 39.5, 40, 40.5, 41, 41.5, 42, 42.5, 43, 43.5, 44, 44.5, 45, 45.5, 46, 46.5, 47, 47.5