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» Carina Quiroga

Carina Quiroga

Born in Tostado, in the province of Santa Fe, in Argentina, Carina was introduced to dance through

Argentine folklore. At 17 she moved to Paraná (Entre Rios) to do a Bachelor's degree
in Communication at the National University of Entre Rios. Then she began to dance tango and
she met Pablo Villarraza, who organized the milongas in and around Parana .

In later years she traveled to Buenos Aires to gradually take classes with other teachers.
She attended seminars, workshops, directed and choreographed for theater and was a member of various
dance companies. Her artistic research continued to evolve through the dance studio
(contemporary), quality research, and the production of movement, the dramaturgy of
the body and body training.

In 2000 Carina again took classes with Pablo and met Dana Frigoli. In 2006 she arrived at
the DNI Tango studio and decided that would be her place to continue her research. In 2007 she performed in

the premiere production “La Colección, Los tangos de una vida”, the first show of the company
DNI Tango.

After working for ten years as a graphic designer in Paraná, Carina moved to
Buenos Aires in the summer of 2008. She attended classes daily at DNI for a year and then
began as an assistant in group classes and private classes in the studio. She currently teaches,
giving group classes to different levels and continues training as a member of
the DNI Tango Company.

As part of the company she has performed in the milongas: Salón Canning, Club
Grisel, Club Villa Malcolm, La Baldosa, La Catedral. At the Teatro Alvear, Margarita Xirgu, Theater
Maipo and El Cubo, featuring in the shows “A-realidades” and “La Musa del Capricho”. She was a part of
the presentation of the CD “Zorro Gris” from the Orchestra Tubatango.

In 2008 Carina met, the Finnish dancer Arttu Artkoski in the studio in 2010 and they began
to work together as tango dancers and teachers in Argentina and Europe. They have held
workshops in different cities in Finland, Basel (Switzerland) and at the Summer Tango Festival
in Finland 2011 (Finland). They have put on exhibitions at the DNI practice, Pañuelo Blanco Milonga
(Buenos Aires), Basel Milonga (Switzerland), Seinäjoki Tango World Summit 2011 (Finland).

Argentores Award

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We are very proud to tell you that Dana received from Argentores, the award for Best Choreography Argentina of the season thanks to the latest works of the Society DNI, La Musa del Capricho and DOS - What is disvuelve. Congratulations Dana and Company! Find more information on the Company menu.

The Tata home cooking

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DNI works in Restaurant and Bar La Tata cacera and organic food. It is open all day! Come to know