Closed Embrace

This class is focused on the Embrace Closed, the traditional way the tango is danced in milongas. The objective is, for greater comfort and quality in the embrace to enjoy this social dance even more.


The class has 3 important moments, Heating, Exercise and practice in couples with Corrections

Warming aims to prepare for the moment of the dance. Helps prevent injuries and to develop a deep awareness of our body.

To understand better the mechanisms of the body, They are offered by the different structure exercises then applied to the structure of the day. It works always from listening to oneself and then to connect to the other.

The study element now takes 100% form of Tango and studied approaching it from a structure closed embrace. This helps us to recognize this element now in groups. All structures are intermediate.

Argentores Award

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We are very proud to tell you that Dana received from Argentores, the award for Best Choreography Argentina of the season thanks to the latest works of the Society DNI, La Musa del Capricho and DOS - What is disvuelve. Congratulations Dana and Company! Find more information on the Company menu.

The Tata home cooking

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DNI works in Restaurant and Bar La Tata cacera and organic food. It is open all day! Come to know